Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As you may or not know, I have been hand cutting stencils for years. 
Recently I decided to begin cutting stencils as a one off and not spraying through them.
Here are a two birds that I completed just before Christmas.
This technique can be applied to almost any image.
When I get back from the states next week I'm going to begin photographing my sprayed pieces for you to see.

Friday, January 6, 2012

some skate photos

Here are a few skate shots for your imagination! 
These are all quite old, more to come!

Alex Lally AKA Bam, rock over banked wall - Kingston

Marcus Adams, drop in - Twickenham

Marcus Adams, nose stall - Kingston

Elliott Rees Jones, kickflip - Kingston

Brighton beach

Brighton beach

Ben Parker, kickflip - Kingston

Doug Parmiter, ollie - Brighton

marcus adams section

Here is one minuet twentynine seconds of pure undiluted KNARL! from old school comrade and genuine OOOG Marcus Adams!
HD footage courtesy of James Smith and the rest yourstruly.
You can find Marcus and his indispensable ranting at... http://blueslims.blogspot.com/

xmas mini edit

This edit was filmed over xmas 2009!!! and again features the uncontrollable talents of the 'LURKERS'!!!
It is filmed at an undisclosed location in Shepperton, behind a pub just off the B375 towards Sunbury. The second half is of corse filmed at nollie pops and one of the best spots around! Sainsburys. We 'found' some sort of stage set up and managed to build some heavy ramp set ups with it.
All pieced together with the music of Starkey - 'Spacewalk'.

blueslims PROMO!!!

A while ago me and the infamous 'KINGSTONLURKERS' produced this promo for the again infamous 'BLUESLIMS' blog, created by my good friend and fellow lurker, Marcus Adams! 
Due to unforeseen events... some twat with a WKD bar on his waist stepping on and breaking the mic off my VX, and also being totally broke!.. this promo was about as far as we got!
However I am now the proud owner of a 7D, so as soon as I'm back from cali we will be getting straight back on it, with even clearer an sicker skating for you enjoyment!

self portrait film

Here is a short film that I produced in 2008. This was one of the first projects that I completed for my degree in Photography at UWE in Bristol.
The idea behind this film was to demonstrate the transition of moving from London and living in Bristol and how I felt immediately at home.
I have filmed my own reflections and shadows to display how I see myself in a physical sense. Starting out and ending with similar actions, skating through London and then through Bristol to illustrate my transition.


Hi, welcome to my blog!
On here I am going to be posting my films, photography and art and general stuff that keeps me busy and vaguely ecstatic!

I am out in L.A. at the moment having a great time chillin in Venice, been skateboarding and filming loads so will have a skate edit for your viewing pleasure soon enough!
In the mean time here are some snaps off my phone...

Venice Beach


Reflections in cafe - Huntington


Off Huntington pier